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Carta do Presidente

Galderma provides people all around the world with effective dermatological solutions and ensures that the medical community has access to the latest innovations. Everything we do is focused on patients and healthcare professionals.

We strive to help shape the future of the science of dermatology, by building and sustaining a strong and long-lasting community, bringing together industry, academics, healthcare professionals and patients.

At Galderma we have a long-standing commitment to working ethically. We pool the integrity, knowledge and skills of our people, to contribute positively to the world we live in. We aim to gain the trust of all our stakeholders and to encourage the right conditions for the growth of our business and communities.

The Social Responsibility and Education initiatives we implement throughout the world form a crucial part of our ongoing commitment to the community. Continuing education is one of our priorities. It is in our DNA to invest in people and develop their know-how and skills to improve their treatment of patients. Meanwhile, we know that many of those suffering from dermatological diseases are affected by other pressures in their daily lives, and so we act wherever we can to help make their lives more comfortable.

We take pride in our mission to improve the well-being of millions of people every day, and in a lasting way. The pages of this brochure will give you a glimpse of the work we are doing in many countries, through which we are endeavoring to turn our vision into a reality for the benefit of people the world over.

Humberto C. Antunes
Chief Executive Officer of Nestle Skin Health S.A.
Chairman of the Board of Galderma Pharma S.A.

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